Fasta urgent payday loans Loans Reviews

Fasta Loans is a Fintech company that has been operating since 2017. They are known for secure digital lending and scalable technology.

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They provide instant loans that can be deposited into your bank account, or loaded on a virtual credit card. They also offer a repayment plan with the option of between 1 to 3 instalments each month.

Customer service

The customer service provided by fasta loans is very good. They offer a variety of services and provide loans at very competitive rates.

The company is registered under the National Credit Act (NCA) and follows strict guidelines to ensure that they only give out loans to people who are in a financial position to repay them. Customers can borrow between R500 and R8000, which is typically paid back in one to three instalments.

When you apply for a loan, you will need to submit your bank statements. These will help Fasta to calculate how much you can afford to borrow and they can also check your credit history.

This is a great option for those who need fast cash but urgent payday loans don’t want to pay a high interest rate. The process is quick and the money is paid into your bank account within a couple of hours.


When it comes to a loan, Fasta has a few requirements that you need to meet in order to be approved. These include being in South Africa and having an RSA ID number, access to internet banking, and verifiable income for the past 3 months.

They also put a lot of effort into making their site secure by using McAfee. Lastly, they are known for their attention to detail and customer service.

For the most part, the best fasta loans review will be able to provide you with an honest quote about how much you can borrow, along with interest rates and monthly payments. In addition, they will also give you an idea of how long it will take them to process your application. They are also one of the few lenders that offer credit protection insurance, which is a nice touch. Hopefully, this will allow you to get that coveted loan approval. The only downside is that you may have to wait a few days before you get the money in your account.

Interest rates

Fasta loans reviews offer unsecured loans at affordable interest rates, as long as you meet the requirements and comply with the National Credit Act regulations. The interest rate you receive will depend on the amount you borrow, your credit profile, and the length of time you need to repay it.

These short-term loans are typically due in weeks or months, and may be a great way to get extra cash for your needs. However, they can also lead to higher interest rates and fees if you are unable to repay them on time.

They also charge a once-off initiation fee of 10% before VAT, which you can pay upfront or include in your monthly repayments. The maximum initiation fee is R1059 plus 15% VAT.

Payment options

Fasta loans offers a variety of payment options to help consumers pay their bills. These include quick loans, consolidation loans, and student loans.

The loan process is quick and easy to apply for. It only takes a few minutes to complete an application and then wait for a response.

These loans are available online or at select stores. If you are looking for a quick way to pay for your purchases, these loans may be the best option for you.

To apply for a Fasta loan, you must have a valid Republic of South Africa National Identification Number (NSIN). There are also several other requirements to meet before you can get a loan.

Fasta is a registered credit provider in South Africa and offers new opportunities for people to access finance when they need it most. The company provides loans with flexible interest rates and user-centric fees, allowing you to choose between permanent and adjustable terms.